Alfonso von Wunschheim: Online and Mobile Advertising Trends


In his lecture Alfonso von Wunschheim, CEO, will outline how local search will „evolutionize“ the advertising industry. Marketers will soon know where their clients are geographically and will be able to offer location based and local services. The Local and Mobile Internet with all the related interfaces to them is the next big thing.

To grab people’s attention in the competitive media channels market, local search will have an increasing amount to say in the next 10 years. There are already about 10 million smart phones in Switzerland, mobile phones with a simple internet connection. They can, in part be used for location services. Does this mean that other channels will suffer a major drop in advertising revenue? Not in the foreseeable future. New advertising forms first have to become established; in addition the hybrid consumer is currently ready to use several channels simultaneously and to provide their own messages, preferences and to rate and review content and make these visible to the whole community.

In the leap from the information internet to the (realtime) dialog internet. Twitter et. al. are just small steps in this direction, a decisive jump to the next web generation with a ”user generated content” culture and new ”geo” applications such as those available for the iPhone, create an exciting opportunity in communication between user needs and advertisers. The goal should be to meet user needs – both advertisers and internet users. You want answers to these uncomplicated questions: Which shop sells Braun razors, is near to the main station and is open after 7 o’clock? Which inexpensive restaurant near the cinema has a table free on Friday?

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