Understanding Nexus: Consequences

Daily objects have unrevealed information. We, as consumers in the global world market, do not realise of several influences we produce when acquiring those objects. But, what if we could explore the nexus between one of these objects and its consequences by holding it with our hands? We could discover its manufacturing origin, its influence on the population, its travel path… would that change our habits as consumers?

The metaphor helps us to imagine a holographic world in our hands, which we can manipulate in a tangible way, strictly linked to the object. As we rotate the product, we rotate the world displayed on a screen and, while doing this, we reveal the information behind, we understand the hidden nexus which are linked to the object.

José Marcos Moreno and Ignacio Delgado have been passionate interaction students at the Pompeu Fabra University, where they developed an Understanding Nexus approach as the final project of a subject.

Ignacio Delgado has worked researching for the Interaction Technology Group at the Pompeu Fabra University, and José Marcos Moreno has researched for the Languages and Computer Systems department at the University of Granada.