Ilona Kocsis-Näf, Martin Näf, Angela Boscardini & Yoga Crew

New Media/Yoga Performance Dance of the Spirits is a concert experience for the ears, ees and soul. It takes the audience into unknown fantasy lands where they relax from the daily treadmill through ethereal sounds played on teh flute and clarinet. The piece explores and plays with the performance space and surprises the audience with new perspectives on the spatial relation between the player and the audience, and its impact on the sound.

Projections on the ceiling of the room provide the audience with a visual cue. They are meant to support the mood of the music pieces and moving performers, but not to attract too much attention. Their main function is to light the room dynamically and provid a colur theme for each piece. The projections will be a micture of pre-rendered video animation (2d and 3d) and video looops with effects controlled in reaal-time by the video artist. Additional vidsual effects are provided by coloured stage ligths.