[Video] etoy: Digital Art Markets

It is not smart to limit digital art by limiting access to it or by transforming a digital work into physical artefacts. one of the big advantages of this technology is based on the fact that content can be easily and rapidly copied, shared, distributed and searched by anyone with a computer. Enforced physical limitation or digital rights management are no adequate option to establish pseudo value (something to trade) in this field of art. etoy will issue new shares at the tweakfest for sale to the public.

Especially in the realm of the arts the flow of ideas and memes is crucial (low flow = low impact = low cultural value). It’s not a question of ideology or romantic thinking. It’s all about getting the maximum out of the available tools, networks, ideas and minds. Art is a game that must stay focused on the highest possible levels of human perception, emotional and intellectual exchange and the challenge of the both the human nerve system (incl. brain) and society.

the art group etoy does not sell isolated art: friends, fans, supporters, collectors, museums etc. can invest in and therefore co-own etoy.CORPORATION SA, an officially registered shareholder company (aktiengesellschaft) in switzerland. sharing is the principle on which etoy builds its werk: from sharing intangible assets like risk, knowledge, software or fun to more traditional resources like money, space or energy to the sharing of very sensitive aspects like fear or profits… etoy.CORPORATION SA counts on distributed qualities and competences instead of glorifying the genius.