Ulrich Fischer: „Walking the Edit“

Ulrich Fischer, C-SIDE Productions SA presents „Walking the Edit“. Equipped with an iPhone that records your trajectory with the help of a GPS, you hear along the way the soundtrack of the film that you are walking …  As you progress, media previously placed in the territory are called up into your film: the form of the trajectory becomes the form of the film. Once the walk is complete, you can find your film on an internet site, choose to share it with the other users and watch their films.

Developed in the framework of the Master cinema of the HES-SO, the project „Walking the Edit“ seeks to combine the field of cinema and the territory of new technologies in order to try out the potentialities of narrative constructions between, on the one hand, an audio-visual geolocalized data base and, on the other hand, the recorded trajectory of a person passing through an urban space.

Since 1994, Ulrich Fischer is working with film and video, realises installations or performances and works with new media interactivity. He is active in a production and postproduction company called C-SIDE Productions and is giving theoretical and technical curses about cinema. He graduated from Geneva Art School, the E.S.A.V. in 2000.