[Video] Erwin Werdenigg: Co-Creation Value

Customers now can co-create and help you improve your products and services. Customers are now able to be so intimately involved in the development and usage of what you have to sell that they can become co-creators of value. Co-creation often requires greater effort on the part of both customer and producer than a traditional market interaction. People on both sides must think about what they want to get out of a cooperative relationship. Establishing a customer co-creation process – for instance via the Internet – changes companies‘ behaviour and will create exciting new production concepts and distribution channels.

Austria based, edelwiser Ski offers a professional range of high-quality, sidewall laminated, all-mountain and carving (shaped) skis. Each pair of skis shows it’s individual topsheet (graphic) design, brought by the customer in an interactive process. Edelwiser skis retail at the same price as comparable mass production ski. Individual designed edelwiser skis will directly be delivered within 1 and 3 days after the customer finished his personal ski design. edelwisers alternative concept in a traditional product and industry will show the massive changes in the behavior of both customers and supplier in a new interactive world.

Erwin Werdenigg is co-founder of edelwiser Ski and responsible for business and process development.