[Video] Roland Wagner: Carrotmob


In summer 2009, the first Carrotmob in Zürich was organized. Unlike in other cities of the world, a group of mid-aged professionals came together to organize a Carrotmob event. The typical Carrotmob organizer would recuit from a young, idealistic student-like community. But we wanted to find out, if well established persons can change the world, not just enthusiastic students.

But what is a Carrotmob? It’s the opposite of a boycott. Buying power forces business to change their business model. The result of the first Carrotmob Zürich: 400 consumers mobbed a (curdistan)-liquor-store, resulting in wide media coverage including a film team from ARTE/Berlin, 7’500 CHF income to invest in low-energy frigerators. The whole project started in August 2009 and still last until the new frigerators will be in use in the store (planned may 2010). What difference did Carrotmob Zürich to the world? A small world was changed.

Roland Wagner, studied economics (CH/USA) and fine arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste). He is father to two daughters (8 and 9 years old). Wagner is also known fo his unconventional art projects with the art institution Cabaret Voltaire (birth place of dadaism).